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This website acts as a common online platform for all small port stakeholders, whether they are boaters and other port users or port owners and developers. Platform gathers materials produced in different small port development projects funded from the EU Interreg Central Baltic (CB) program (period 2014-2020) and also through other initiatives related to boating. The material consists of results, investments information, produced data, apps and publications of these projects that are now more easily accessible for the stakeholders through one platform. As being one of the latest projects of the program period, CBSmallPorts has been granted the role of creating this platform.

Themes of the eleven CB projects included in this platform vary from basic infrastructure improvements and joint marketing to marine safety and resource efficiency of the small ports. There have been various investments in the small ports of Central Baltic area within different projects with the focus on safety, resource efficiency and environmentally friendly energy use. For more details and results of all these projects see Our story.

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