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Apps for Boaters

Below table lists the different Websites and Mobile apps made in Central Baltic projects or by other stakeholders in order to help boaters to have a better sailing experiences.

Site/app nameURLLanguagesDescription
Roope-karttahttp://www.roopekartta.fiFinnish, Swedish, EnglishRoope services are offered and maintained by the Pidä Saaristo Siistinä ry (Keep Archipelago Tidy Association) in lake and sea areas in Finland. Their focus is on keeping the water ways clean and litter-free and reducing the effects of eutrophication. They have 259 locations (service points) overall.
Meriopas Finnish, Swedish, EnglishUsing the service, you can search for sea-related objects, weather data and satellite data and view them on the background map of your choice (in Finland). Map can be used for searching very versatile spatial information of sea are (national parks, wrecks, reed aread, guest harbours etc). The service is part of (, which provides access to marine information.
Sailspots - NB! mobile app
App Store or Google play
English, SwedishWith Sailspots app you get a detailed weather and wind forecast presented in a clear and intuitive way. The forecast is presented hour by hour and you can either choose to have it played back or look up the time you are interested in by moving a marker to the right time stamp. A large amount of natural harbors and marinas is also represented, so finding a new spot via this app is very easy!
PortMate, Swedish, EnglishPortMate provides information about boating safety, resource efficiency and green values of the small ports in the Baltic Sea for boaters and port managers. PortMate offers practical guidance about safety of sailing and information about developing small ports for port managers.
PortMate web app is developed under the EU funded Central Baltic PortMate project (01.11.2016 - 31.12.2019) and the website provides all information, videos and written material related to boating safety and small port resource efficiency and other content produced in the PortMate project. PortMate also provides a map which includes charts, graphs and forecast and includes information about wind speed, wind direction, water tempreture, sea level in centimeteres in different areas and daily weather forecast for shipping. PortMate has published four reports between 2018 and 2019.
Marinamia is a service that connects marinas and sailors in Europe, North Africa and Arabian Peninsula.
The platform:
• Provides information of marinas to help to find the best places to visit for sailors and also mooring places and extra services can be booked through the website and marina kiosks.
• Gives access to bookings, marina plans, contacts and some information including WIFI and toilet codes.
• By offering electronic mooring payments provides opportunities to improve efficiency.
• Provides maps, pictures and contacts information for each port.
Masapoapplication (App Store, Google play)EnglishMobile app; selected guest harbours in Åland
Smart Marina
application (App Store, Google play)
EnglishSmart Marina which is a three-year Interreg Central Baltic project, develops climate-smart solutions in 32 harbours in the Baltic Sea area (Åland Islands, Finland, Sweden and Estonia). It provides guidlines within the individual regions and it contains a Lead Partner which is Ålands Utvecklings Ab and also five others partners including Ålands Utvecklings Ab (Åland), Valdemarsviks municipality (Sweden), Östhammar municipality (Sweden), Skärgårdsstiftelsen in Stockholm (Sweden), Novia (Finland) and Hiiu (Estonia). The project has been dued by 30.04.2021.
Smart Marina project's focuses on:
• Improving the cost effectiveness and standards in the Baltic Sea area guest marinas.
• Providing environmental friendly solutions and innovations for the marinas by renewing them.
• Marketing of the marinas to help their international visibility and improve their profiles as well as promoting the ports.
• Expanding the marinas' services with the least impacts on the archipelago's environment.
• Providing high-quality services and smart solutions in order to improve the ports.
• Reducing energy use by improving the energy efficiency solutions.
• Providing information about the harbors as well as adding their web pages on the website.
Overall, Smart Marina's focuses on improving the 34 guest harbors including renovation and development of service houses, bridges, booking services and environmental managements.
30 Miles (English)30MILES is a project funded by the EU's Interreg Central Baltic 2014-2020 funding program with association of the partners from Finland and Estonia.
On the 30MILES project's website all the material including routes, safe approach videos and small harbor business concepts which are provided by the project and its partners (Cursor Oy and Posintra Oy) as well as reports of the University of Helsinki are collected.
30 Miles has provided safety material with the partnership of South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (XAMK).
0100100 merelläapplication (App Store, Google play)Finnish0100100 Merellä is a commercial mobile app that provides sailors a free sea map of Finnish sea areas and they can keep track of where they are sailing at any time. Also, the app offers weather forecasts information, customizable points of interests and (MOB) provides security for navigating the sea. The ios version of the app offers some extra features as well such as the opportunity for sailors to share their own location via message, email or Facebook.
The Pro2 version of the app provides users with:
1. Automatic Identification System (AIS) data which helps users to identify ships over 45m in Sweden, Norway and Finland.
2. Customizable Points of Interest which helps users to save their favorite harbors or fishing spots on the map.
3. Traceplotter which helps customers to save and record all their trips on the map.
4. Auto routing as well as manual route planning which is an option for finding the shortest way to two or more waypoints. Auto routing considers both safe depth and height while finding the shortest ways.
5. Sync infromation which is an option that lets the users to have all their routes and POIs synced on different devices by logging in using their Facebook or Google acounts.
6. Offline maps which lets the users to save parts of the map and have access to them while being offline.
7. Boat locking which locks a boats location on the map as well as its direction and a distance indicator.
8. Course and speed over ground.
Navionicshttps://www.navionics.comEnglishCommercial boating app. Navionics is made for water activities such as sailing, fishing, cruising and diving which offers detailed marine and lakes nautical charts. The app's features are including:
1. Sonarchart which shows seafloors and lake bottoms.
2. Relief shading which shows veiws of bottom structures in detail using colors and shadows.
3. Sonar imagery which shows the bottom hardness and is only available in U.S. lakes.
4. Terrain, showing points of interests on land.
5. Satellite which shows images provided by other apps.
6. Dock to dock autorouting
7. Contacting friends or other boathers
8. Weather forecasts (daily and hourly) as well as wind, tides and currents overlaid on the map.
9. GPX import/export which helps users to handle the tracks and routes and share or display them on other apps
9. AIS which helps users to see nearby marine traffic on the map without needing of the internet connection.
Eniro på sjönapplication (App Store, Google play)SwedishEniro på sjön can be used both as an app and through their website to discover Swedish waters. The app's features are creating and saving routes, creating and saving POIs, saving trips, finding ports, showing height, speed and septh for boats and showing AIS data.
Using the app, sailors can have access to free charts of the sweden waters, GPS spots on charts, nautical photos and weather forecast.
The pro annual subscription of the app also offers Finnish and Norwegina charts, GPX import/export, course, speed over ground, trip meter, distance measuring, etc.
Gästhamnsguidenapplication (App Store, Google play)SwedishGästhamnsguide can be used both as an app and through their website which presents almost 500 small ports along Swedish coastline, inland lakes and canals. Using Gästhamnsguide, the ports can be easily found and using its filters, different regions can be accessed as well as the ports' pictures. Also, different services can be found using search filters such as restaurants, cafes, toilets, accommodations, etc.
The app is a source for accessing the information about ports in Swedish waters and overall, it provides all the neccesary information for tourists.
Marine radarapplication (App Store, Google play)EnglishMarine Radar is a global marine tracking mobile app only available for Android. It monitors and tracks global ship traffic and shows every vessel type such as fish carriers, crude oil tankers, fishing vessels, passenger ships, service vessels and yachts, each with a specific color. Also, using the app users can search for specific vessels.
Sailmateapplication (App Store, Google play)Finnish, EnglishSailmate is a commercial Finnish navigation app for leisure boaters with nautical charts provided by the Finnish Transport Agency, and database of Finnish guest marinas. Sailmate is free to use but it also offers a premium version with more features which costs 19.99 € per year.
Sailmate provides users with their customizable POIs and user personal routes. The free account users have access to the sea charts, service descriptions of marinas and personal POIs. The premium account offers the users' exact location on the map, speed display, offline maps, marina maps and route planning. Also, there is a "Scout routes" version of the app with the same price as the premium version, which in addition to the premium version's features, offers description of harbours and waterways which have been explored by Tuurun Partio-Sissit Ry.
+application (App Store, Google play)
EnglishWindy is a mobile app for weather forecast with many interesting weather visualizations on the map. Windy offers all the world's top weather forecasting models free to use and add-free. It shows wind's speed and direction, rain, temperature, humidity, etc.
+ application (App Store, Google play)
EnglishYr is mobile app which is also available to access on browsers. It shows the weather forecast as well as wind speed, wind direction, temperature, UV forecast, rain forecast. Also, it offers a map which shows all the necessary information on it.
Aaltopoiju Finnish, English, SwedishAaltopoiju is a website with the interactive Baltic sea map showing all the necessary data including: sea level, water temperature, wind speed, wind direction, waves data and forecast. It also provides users with opportunity to choose their desired location and have all the necessary information about it in the form of charts or graphs.
Traficom, English, SwedishFinnish authority responsible of e.g. watercraft registry and owner ship change issues. In addition to these provides good information on boating safety issues.

The Transport and Communications Agency promotes the transport system and traffic safety and ensures that everyone in Finland has access to high-quality, secure and reasonably priced communications connections and services. Traficom supports sustainable development and boosts digitalization. The core values that we have chosen together are trust, cooperation and capacity for renewal.
Aluskartta.comhttp://aluskartta.comFinnishAluskartta provides users with a map which shows all the vessels (with AIS) and necessary information about them in the Central Baltic sea and it also offers an Android mobile app. It shows the vessels' names, types, directions, countries, destinations and the last time and date that their information has been automatically updated. The vessel types are including tanker, cargo, passenger, sailing boat, tug boat, war ship, special, authority, etc. Also, some vessels have pictures on the map which is located under their information.
Satamat offers the Baltic sea's map with all the ports and their information. Each port which is shown on the map is including its information, services and pictures for some of them.
Vierassatamat Finnish, English, SwedishVierassatamat provides users with map which shows all the small ports of Finland, Estonia, Åland and Stockholm. The map offers all infromation about each port's location, contact and services such as accommodation, attraction, sauna, etc.
Dockspot, SwedishWeb based service for booking berth place from a small port. Includes over 100 ports (picture links), located mostly (90%) in Sweden.
Savvy navvy - The boating app
(App Store, Google play)
English, Swedish, Finnish, Deutsch, etc.Commercial mobile app for navigation with tidal data, GPS tracking, weather data etc.
(App Store, Google play)
English, Swedish, Danish, German, NorwegianCommercial PC/mobile app for booking berth place with "over 350 happy harbors" majority in Norwegian coast.
Portlux app. Portlux is cloud-based port administration program for mooring allocation, invoicing and accounting, guest berth payment, etc. Idea to make all things more efficiently in the port.
Livet i Havet and fauna in the sea areas of Sweden.
Coastalpastapplication (App Store, Google play)FinnishPresenting five historical destinations in the archipelago of Finland, Åland and Sweden.
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